Meso-tox injection

In Korea - INSTANT RESULTS for Fine Lines and Tightened Skin

Advanced Beautytech Laser Clinic Proudly Introduces “Dermotoxin/Mesotoxin”

This treatment uses as its main component Botulinum Toxin A, however, it is differ from other widespread common practices; it does not paralyse the muscle.

Simply put, Dermotoxin (also known as skin Botox) is a diluted solution (Vitamin, HA, PRP) of botulinum toxin A that is injected evenly across the face into the skin's superficial layers. Botulinum Toxin is not injected into muscle layers. Advanced Beautytech Laser Clinic uses medical knowledge and proved techniques to inject this into the skin layers. When a diluted Botox solution is injected into the outer layers of the skin, you can see instant tightening effects and an even skin tone. For example, when paired with the PRP we call DermaShine, you'll notice tremendously improved skin with just one session.


Q: Doesn't Botox all over the face make your expressions look awkward?

Dermotoxin is injected into the outer skin layers and does not affect the facial muscles that determine your expressions.

Q: How long will the effects last?

Normal Botox injections last about 4-6 months. However, this is a diluted solution, results would be expected to last for about 3 months. This isn't a procedure that regenerates collagen, such as HIPU, Ultraformer3. A combination of both Dermotoxin and HIPU would be ideal if you want something both immediate and long-lasting.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A numbing cream is applied during the whole procedure.

Dermotoxin is a procedure widely known in Korea for its effects, so there's no need to be skeptical or suspicious. Book a consultation today!

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