Medical Grade Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is defined as the application of a topical agent to the skin that results in a variable degree of the injury to the epidermis and dermis, depending on type and strength of the chemical. The peel produces a controlled partial-thickness exfoliation followed by second-intention wound healing. The injured epidermis and dermis are regenerated by migration of uninvolved adjacent epithelium and adnexal structures. The end result of this process is an improvement in skin texture, colour, superficial wrinkles, and resolution of epidermal growths.

Advanced Beautytech Laser clinic offers 4 different types of chemical peeling that are Milk Peel, Fox Peel, FCR and Amino Peel.

Milk Peel

This nourishing milk peel is a gentle AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) derived from dairy products. It contains 50% Glycolic acid, 4% Salicyclic acid and 10% Lactic acid. This assists in periodic peeling of the skin to stimulate activity and is used for everything from age spots, pigmentation disorders as well as acne and enlarged pores. By stimulating collagen and elastin, increasing antioxidants and firming and hydrating your skin, fine lines and wrinkles disappear, and your overall appearance is rejuvenated. Repeat treatments up to a total of five sessions every two weeks can be used to achieve best results.

FCR Peeling

Formed from coral, the super micronized, approximately 200 micrometers, fractional prickles are rubbed onto the skin. Once absorbed into the skin, the prickles stimulate the skin which in turn accelerates blood circulation for up to 48 hours. Two types of activa might apply namely Regentron Activa used on normal skin and Deac Regentron Activa used on thick and acne skin.

FCR Advantages

• Short time procedure: 7~10min.

• First regeneration, later peeling (focus on regeneration).

• Minimizes Erythema after the procedure due to no scrub.

• Possible to take with other procedures.

• All types of skins are available by two active solutions.

Treatments include:

• Acne

• Pigments

• Keratosis Pilaris

• Wrinkles


Fox peel consists of fruit acid PEEL & Oxygen therapy + vitamin C PROGRAM.

This is brand new innovative peeling for 3 types of skin like Acne, Pigments, and Aging. Another benefit is light superficial peeling that has no more side effects. Contains highly effective and active ingredients in acne skin. It controls stable PH balance and Powerful soothing effect and water binding capacity. 2type of peeling (Acless & Melaless) with Vitamin care (Bubble C Snow + Oxygen booster) and Ageless peeling which provides light Superficial Peeling based on antioxidant. This helps increases collagen and level of hyaluronic acid.

FoxC Peel Advantage

• Suitable for all skin types.

• Safe and simple procedure time 10~15min.

• No social downtime.

• Little to no desquamation.

• Customized up to 3 major skin troubles.

• Synergy: Combination treatment.

• Interval Rotation treatment.

• A beneficial with combination of other medical procedures.

• Individual use is possible.

• Increases collagen and level of hyaluronic acid.

• Regenerates new and youthful cell.

Treatments include:

• Acne

• Pigments

• Wrinkles


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