Hydrodermabrassion (Aqua Peeling)

Enjoy the benefit Hydrodermabrasion, an exciting new technology that combines the efficiency of conventional microdermabrasion with a new twist that now includes product penetration and an advanced form of exfoliation!

Integrating vacuum extraction, exfoliation, and hydration, an Aqua Peel is a safe, multi-faceted approach to skin revitalization. It works in four different ways; cleaning by using gentle vacuum suctioning through the dead skin cells are removed and the skin is cleansed. A mild chemical peel is applied, loosening debris from the skin and unclogging pores. Debris from clogged pores is removed without the need for manual extraction. Lastly, you can simply add on such as serums and mask to maximize your treatment result, depending on the type and severity of the skin condition, different serums and masks can be blended and infused into the skin. This treatment has no downtime, can see an immediate result with just one treatment.

Micro-hydro dermabrasion treatment is an extremely invigorating service, yet not painful, with results that can be seen and felt immediately after one service.



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